New England busts: Police take down escort agency Chloe’s Companions

Another major sting operation in the New England region. There was a major high end escort service in the New England area, primarily in the Boston area and extending from New Hampshire to New York, called Chloe’s Companions at


On February 2017, the two pimps and leaders, Sonya Palic (a.k.a. “Chloe”), 46, of Manchester, and Charlotte Napolitano (a.k.a “Red”), 45, of Derry, were arrested on Feb. 8, 2017, on numerous charges. Prostitution charges alone will thoroughly ruin those involved, but human trafficking charges will bury your grave over 100 feet down under. Chloe’s Companions was a human trafficking ring and they are being charged with human trafficking.

This sting operation was conducted by the Massachusetts State Police assigned to the MA AG’s Human Trafficking Division with assistance from the Lexington Police Department. they have been monitoring the human trafficking ring over many months with the latest technology, including spy cameras and search warrants of internet accounts and cell phone records. Now they have the pimps arrested who will desperately plea bargain by identifying all those involved.

For all johns and customers who used this service, you will be inevitably caught and arrested. This is a human trafficking ring, so even if you didn’t know the escorts were sex slaves (which is extremely difficult to believe anyway), you will be caught, arrested, and charged with major felonies for pandering to a human trafficking ring.

AG: 2 NH Women Arrested in Mass. ‘Escort’ Trafficking Operation


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