Atlanta region busts: Police take down two major high end escort agencies

On January 2017, two major high end escort agencies in the Atlanta region were taken down by the police. They were Atlanta Gold Club Escorts and Lipstick and Shoes Escorts. Like all prostitution and human trafficking busts done nowadays, they are not getting away with a light slap on the wrist, where the police only arrest the one escort working there, who faces a minor misdemeanor and pays a small fine to get away, then the pimps and organizers get away and quickly resume their operations somewhere else.

Police Bust 2 Huge Prostitution Rings in Dunwoody

In Dunwoody (next to Atlanta), the police initially arrested a total of 51 people, including pimps, escorts, and panderers/customers, involved in this prostitution ring. The article says the Dunwoody police arrested 51 people for racketeering influenced and corrupt organizations (RICO) violations, including 29 women for prostitution, 19 men for pandering and three people with pimping. One of those arrested was Gwinnett County Assistant District Attorney Christopher Quinn, who is currently suspended and will most likely lose his job permanently.

7 accused of running prostitution business next to Dunwoody police station

As always, the bad news keeps getting worse for the criminals. The second article provides more details. There were 7 pimps arrested and facing major charges that will result in many long years in prison.


Top row (left to right): Sam Crenshaw, George Moore, Scott Phillips.

Bottom row: Brittany Johnson, Esther Park, Laura Davis, Miranda Ogle

The video in the second article, starting at 0:50, explains how the police were using spy cameras over several months to monitor, identify, and arrest everyone involved, not just the few unlucky escorts and johns who were there at the time of the sting operation. Like the Seattle bust where police are still arresting and charging johns one year after the sting operation, the Dunwoody police are continuing to seek out more johns that have used these escort services. They have digital records saved of the escort websites, reviews and discussions on escort review websites, emails, text messages, phone call records, and bank accounts. They also have the pimps, organizers, and escorts arrested who are very angry that they are facing severe penalties while the johns get away free, so the arrested will definitely identify the johns to plea bargain and share the pain and prison time.


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