LE continues to arrest johns of TheReviewBoard.net escort review website, one year after being shutdown

Back in early January 2016, the escort website TheReviewBoard.net in the Seattle area was busted by law enforcement and shutdown. About a dozen of the ring leaders, like the pimps and staff, as well as the head hookers, who profit from this industry, were arrested and charged.

There were also some hundreds or even thousands of john clients who were regular users of the website, pumping money into this lucrative criminal empire of human sex trafficking and writing reviews and comments on the website to promote it as well. Years ago those delusional johns would get away with it, but prostitution arrests get more sophisticated, widespread, and severe. The police and law enforcement use these escort review websites to find and arrest the johns involved. They also make backup copies of these websites, so they have a copy of all reviews and comments, even after the reviews, comments , or entire website gets erased.

Almost a year after the TheReviewBoard.net bust, the police and law enforcement are continuing to make arrests of users of that website.

At least twelve more men face felony charges in Washington for posting comments to the now-defunct web forum known as The Review Board (TRB). The dozen defendants, most of whom who will be arraigned in King County District Court on December 14, face one count each of promoting prostitution in the second degree—a charge historically used to target people who profit off of the prostitution of others but more recently favored by King County prosecutors to go after people who write positively online about area prostitution.

This latest round of arrests are not the pimps or ring leaders who profited from the escort trafficking ring. These are just ordinary clients (johns) who wrote reviews or comments indicated they used their sex services. And as punishments keep getting severe, these johns are facing felony charges, not merely a minor misdemeanor charge.