Update on Gary Bennett of Rockville, Maryland (aka Beefeater500)

Remember the infamous Beefeater500 from the Maryland/Washington D.C. area? You would think after all his exposure and fugitive hunts from the police, Gary Bennett (his real name) would have enough and call it quits. No way, once a perverted criminal, always a perverted criminal. The year 2016 is still busy for Gary Bennett and like all bad boys and bad girls here, the news only gets worse.

Beefeater500 / Gary Bennett profile

Read his profile above. He had to change jobs in the beginning of 2016, but his new job and employer is still exposed. Then on July 21, 2016, the Howard County police in Maryland arrested him in a prostitution sting. With his profile exposed, the police are going to have a lot of fun backtracking his over a thousand prostitution encounters, so they can give him the maximum sentence.

Readers can help catch and expose these bad boys and bad girls. If you come across any news articles or court documents of bad boys and bad girls featured here, or if there is a new one that should be featured on this blog, write down a comment with the link to the article or document. It helps a lot.


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