Vincent Lombardo (Big Vin) sentenced 6 months for money laundering

Remember Vincent Lombardo of the defunct Aphrodite Companions prostitution/escort agency that was busted by law enforcement back in the summer of 2013? After two and a half years since pimps Vincent Lombardo (nicknamed Big Vin) and Melissa Lombardo were arrested and their criminal trial began, the first stage of sentencing has been handed out. On January 2016, Vincent Lombardo was sentenced to spend every weekend in jail for six months for money laundering. Vincent has been under house arrest since his arrest and still is under house arrest, but the first sentence requires him to spend all weekends in jail for six months. Melissa has not yet been sentenced, but the trials and house arrest continue for both of them.


The Lombardos in 2016. They sure don’t look happy or glamorous like in their past heydays.

This is just the first stage of sentencing. They are both facing more criminal charges of prostitution and pimping. Vincent has been working as a barber since his arrest and it looks like that’s the only job he will ever hold. Keep in mind the Lombardos already lost everything since their arrest, and will continue to lose even more as the trial continues. They already lost all this so far.

  • Forfeited their home
  • All money earned (Over $300,000 in bank accounts)
  • Almost every material possession, like cars, furniture, computers
  • Loss of reputation with arrest, felony, and prison records

Prostitution busts are no joke. Look at the Lombardos, and look at what will happen to you next if you associate with them. As the article says,

Federal prosecutor didn’t call Lombardo fuzzy and cuddly, but said he deserved some credit for trying “to help the government open a new line of investigation” after he was arrested.

Just like anyone arrested for prostitution, the first thing they do is plea bargain by providing the police with all the information and people (johns and hos) who were involved in their prostitution scheme. Prostitution arrests constantly get more sophisticated, widespread, and severe.


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