escort review website is shutdown by law enforcement

Jan 7, 2016 – Another major escort review website has been raided and shutdown. The former website was servicing the Seattle area and had an estimated 23,000 members, primarily using Korean women as sex slaves. Like all escort review websites, TheReviewBoard was a front for illegal prostitution and human sex trafficking activities, not some dating site. And as usual, there were countless other crimes associated with TheReviewBoard, like drugs, immigration violations, rape, adultery, tax fraud, racketeering and money laundering, and stealing.


The new cover for As the message says:

This website has been seized pursuant to a Promoting Prostitution investigation conducted by the King County Sheriff’s Office, the Bellevue Police Department, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. To provide information relevant to the investigation, or for other inquiries, please contact:

Here are the ring leaders of that were arrested by this large sting operation which spanned years. Police identified League members by following them to their vehicles and running their license plate numbers. Several of the meetings were also secretly recorded by police.

Sigurd Zitars, 61, owner and operator of
Charles Peters, 46
Justin Yoon, 45
Stephen Jenkins, 44
Lawrence Masaki, 44
Mark Yamada, 54
Keith Emmanuel, 28
Noah Jorgenson, 27
Donald Mueller, 58
Richard Homchick, 49
Jabong “Crystal” Kim, a Korean national and former sex worker, is the sole woman charged

Large prostitution ring, Bellevue brothels shut down
FBI & Local Police Seize Adult Entertainment Website “The Review Board”


One thought on “ escort review website is shutdown by law enforcement

  1. Dr Tony antonio

    This bust was a farce to justify the human trafficking grant King county received from the feds for human trafficking. No human trafficking charges were ever brought against anyone, so the King county prosecutor has reinvented the pimping law to include free speech.

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