Teenagers and exploited women stand up to Backpage.com

So many of those escorts on the escorts section of Backpage.com are often human sex trafficking victims, which include many easily exploited people like children and poor women. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Victims can fight back against the criminals, and this New York Times article shows in detail how teenagers are fighting back against the Backpage.com pimps, traffickers, criminals, and john scumbags, and how you can fight back as well.

Teenagers Stand Up to Backpage


Rentboy.com website shutdown, owners arrested

Prostitution arrests are no longer limited to a few individual screen names using escort/prostitution websites.¬†Prostitution arrests are constantly getting more sophisticated, widespread, and severe. Now it’s common to see entire escort/prostitution websites shutdown, with all the owners and leaders arrested to the fullest extent of the law, all money and property being seized, and many of the users being caught and arrested.

Rentboy.com was a popular male escort website, where gay male clients would hook up with male escorts for prostitution purposes. On late August 2015, United States federal law enforcement raided their office in New York City, shut down the website, confiscated all assets, and arrested the leaders. Among those arrested were CEO Jeffrey Hurant (50) and six other leaders/employees:

Michael Sean Belman (47)
Clint Calero (48)
Edward Lorenz Estanol (23)
Shane Lukas (41)
Diana Milagros Mattos (43)
Marco Soto Decker (28)

These are some of the charges and consequences they are facing, and the minimum of what will happen to you if you are also running an escort/prostitution website.

  • Federal authorities gathered boxes of documents and computer evidence from the company’s New York office
  • The government also seized $1.4 million of alleged criminal proceeds from six bank accounts and restrained the domain name http://www.rentboy.com. The company reportedly made over $10 million between 2010 and 2015.
  • If convicted, Hurant and the six other defendants could be sentenced up to five years in prison and fined up to $250,000.

CEO, 6 others from ‘world’s largest male escort site’ arrested

Largest Online Male Escort Service Raided – Rentboy.com CEO and Six Current and Former Employees Arrested

Ashley Madison consequence: Pastor using the website commits suicide

Soon after the Ashley Madison users list was leaked to the public, tragic consequences like getting fired from work, lawsuits, divorces, and even suicides have erupted.

On August 24, 2015, John Gibson, 56, a pastor who taught at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, was found dead from suicide. He was married and had two children in their adulthood. He was also an Ashley Madison user who got caught and exposed.

Pastor Outed In Ashley Madison Hack Commits Suicide