Ashley Madison users exposed

Ashley Madison ( is the infamous website where married men (supposedly anyone married, but primarily married men) can discreetly hookup with someone else and carry out an adulterous affair. While it advertises as discreet, any kind of website that promotes criminal adultery, whether with escorts, prostitutes, or any person, is never discreet. Police, law enforcement, investigators, lawyers, hackers, and spouses are constantly trying to identify those involved in illegal adulterous and sexual activity. Not only are they constantly trying, they are succeeding very well in identifying and exposing the bad boys and girls involved.

Here are the websites you can find to see if they are involved.

Just two months before the Ashley Madison hacking case was exposed in late August 2015, the Adult Friend Finder ( was also hacked. You can look at the second link ( above to see the users of Adult Friend Finder.

Lawsuits, divorces, and even suicides are resulting from the Ashley Madison affair. If you are using any of those escort/prostitution websites, like The Erotic Review,,, you will also get caught and exposed one way or another.


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