Escort review website operator Ed Omuro sentenced

May 22, 2015 – Ed Omuro, 53, from the San Francisco area was the operator of the escort review website until it was shutdown by the FBI last year. It was advertised as an escort website supposedly catering to consenting adults meeting for companionship time. Everyone knows by now it is a prostitution and human sex trafficking, filled with crimes like theft and money laundering, children, drugs, sexual abuse, and criminal gangs.

Ed Omuro was sentenced to 13 months in federal prison plus 3 years of supervised release after prison. Despite the millions he made from prostitution and human trafficking, he lost it all. He agreed to forfeit $1.28 million in cash and property, and lost more money in legal costs, fines, and other penalties.

Are you sure you want to get involved in an escort review website?

Operator of prostitution website myRedBook sentenced to federal prison


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