U.S. Justice Department warns employees against soliciting prostitutes

Some people mistakenly think that if they solicit prostitutes outside of their workplace, work time, and without using (stealing) work resources, they are safe. They couldn’t be any farther from reality. Even if you aren’t browsing porn or escort websites on your work computer, or using work issued items like notebook computers, cell phones, cars, or money to pay for your prostitution addiction, the consequences are still just as severe.

Here are some real examples on this blog site who got fired from their job when they were visiting their hooker outside of work, mistakenly thinking they were safe.

High School Teacher and Coach in Ohio, Ryan Tyna, fired

Pastor in Alabama, Michael Ward, fired

These escort/prostitution events are not merely an agreed companionship between two consenting adults. In reality, escort/prostitution involve crimes like human trafficking, coercion of women/girls, drugs, criminal gangs and terrorists, adultery and broken marriages and families, theft and fraud, and sexually transmitted diseases.

The U.S. Department of Justice sent a memo to all employees on April that soliciting prostitutes is illegal and against company policy, even outside of work. This stems from the well known abuses and crimes resulting from prostitution. The Department of Justice has made it clear they will take swift action against illegal prostitution violations, like terminating security clearances and jobs.

Washington Post: Justice Department warns employees against frequenting prostitutes

It’s not just the DOJ that has these harsh rules against prostitution, and for good reasons. The entire U.S. security clearance industry has had a very strict policy on prostitution for many years, and continues to get more strict every year.

Clearance Jobs: Sexual Behavior and Security Clearances

The article reveals that “Of the approximately 1160 cases decided by administrative judges at Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) in 2009 only 36 cited “Sexual Behavior” as a security/suitability issue.
Eight-nine percent of the cases citing sexual behavior resulted in clearance denials.”

That was back in 2009 to 2010. Every year the policy against employees soliciting prostitutes gets more severe, so that 89% clearance denial figure is sure to be even higher by today. Even if you are in this category and your security clearance has not been revoked, it will at a minimum be suspended while the government does an extensive investigation that lasts years. A suspended clearance effectively means you are out of a job without pay. Also, if you are married and in this category, the government usually requires you to inform your spouse that you’ve been soliciting prostitutes, if you wish to keep your security clearance and job.