Former NFL star Warren Sapp arrested for soliciting a prostitute, fired by NFL Network and Bud Light

Warren SappNo matter how rich and famous you are, a single prostitution arrest can bring you down really hard. NFL Hall of Famer and defensive lineman Warren Sapp was covering the 2015 Super Bowl for the NFL Network. After the game, Warren Sapp was arrested in his Phoenix, AZ hotel. He hired an escort for the night, but conflicts on pricing and services with the escort turned out very loud and physical. Security and police arrested Warren Sapp for solicitation of prostitution and assault.

Warren Sapp’s reputation is forever tarnished and he has already been fired by NFL Network. Bud Light has also “fired” Sapp by pulling his ads away from their advertisements and ending any further business with him. You can bet no on else will hire or have Sapp sponsor their company.

Was all this really worth a few hundred dollars with a hooker?


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