Long Beach, California pimp sentenced to 47 years prison

Sep 18, 2014 – Penalties against pimps and human sex traffickers keep getting harsher.  In the Los Angeles area, a 23-year-old Long Beach man, Lebrette Stacey Winn, was sentenced to 47 years and four months in prison for pimping two women and sexually assaulting them.  Winn was also ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

Last month, a jury found Winn guilty of two counts of pimping, two counts of pandering by procuring, and one count each of human trafficking to commit another crime, sodomy by use of force, forcible rape, aggravated mayhem and kidnapping.

On May 15, two women, age 18 and 20, escaped from a locked car sitting in a Culver City mall parking lot, according to authorities. One of women found a good Samaritan who drove them to a nearby police station.

Winn and Eric James Avery, 25, were both arrested after Long Beach Police officers found a hotel key in Avery’s pocket. When investigators went to the hotel room, they discovered a 16-year-old girl who said she had been working as a prostitute for Avery.  Avery is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 17.

Convicted pimp sentenced by Long Beach judge to 47 years

The question is, are you supporting this human sex trafficking crime ring in any way, whether helping the pimps, being a customer, or writing reviews on escort review websites?  If you are, then you will soon be joining these pimps in prison.


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