South Korean pimp Eun-Suk Sun arrested in Los Angeles, deported back to Seoul


Prostitution and human trafficking occurs at an international level.  Some pimps and traffickers think by crossing country border lines, they can better avoid authorities.  As usual, they are wrong.  Authorities and law enforcement work together across country lines, and continuously get better coordinated and more effective in bringing these criminals down.

On January 17, 2013, Eun-Suk Sun (37) was arrested in Los Angeles for administrative immigration violations by U.S. immigration enforcement.  Sun was also wanted in a warrant issued in May 2011 by authorities in South Korea for operating a prostitution business in the Los Angeles area that employed other Korean women.

Sun was finally deported back to Seoul in April 2013.  HSI Seoul has coordinated the repatriation of 18 criminal fugitives to Korea and the return of three criminal fugitives wanted in the United States.

Eun-Suk Sun Deported to S. Korea for Prostitution Charges


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