Bedford Judge Harry Jacob III of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, facing prostitution charges

The judicial system of Cuyahoga County of Ohio, where Cleveland is located, has been facing serious criminal and corruption charges related to prostitution and human trafficking.  Last year, William F. Kaczmarek was fired from his job as a Cuyahoga County assistant prosecutor  after his involvement with escort/prostitution services and illegal drugs.


Now Bedford Municipal Court Judge Harry Jacob III, age 55, is going through a criminal investigation by Cuyahoga County prosecutors and the state of Ohio.  Here is a summary of incidents and charges Harry Jacob III is facing.

  • In December 2013, Jacob was charged with six misdemeanor counts of soliciting sex from three women. He is also charged with bribery, and three counts of promoting prostitution, which are felonies.
  • He was using his work computer to view and solicit sex from escorts.
  • He was working with a prostitute to tamper with evidence and court records of a prostitution case.
  • He voluntarily turned over his computer, cell phone, and tablet to avoid a search of his Salon home.  However, certain parts of his computer are password protected with a different password.  Prosecutors are seeking for Jacob to reveal those passwords.

Everyone involved in these prostitution rings will lose out.  The johns, hookers, pimps, and anyone trying to promote it, you will lose out.  The evidence against Harry Jacob III is so strong, it’s inevitable he will lose his job, get a felony record, go to prison, and never again be able to find a job.  All he can really hope for is to plea bargain for a smaller prison sentence, but either way his life is over.

Prosecutors: Bedford judge trolled web for prostitutes while at work



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