Lesson for pimps and prostitutes: You will lose all money you illegally earned through prostitution

Because prostitution is mostly illegal across America, any earnings you make through illegal activities will be confiscated by the government once you are inevitably arrested.  Some idiots like the fast cash by keeping prostitution illegal, or need it to pay for their drug addiction, but you will lose it all once you are arrested.

Despite making millions off the Aphrodite Companions escort service, the Lombardo’s lost everything once they were arrested and convicted.  Everything, like their home, cars, millions in cash stored in bank accounts, furniture, gun – they lost everything.

In the Washington DC area, another large escort service called Classy DC Escorts was running a large scale prostitution ring and making millions in a few short years.  The pimps, leaders, and staff were arrested and convicted in 2012 and the agency was shut down.

Kuraye Tamunoibi Akuiyibo, 33, of New York, New York, and Miami, Florida, was sentenced today to 51 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for his involvement in an internet prostitution business.  The defendant was also ordered to forfeit a sum of $1.6 million, a portion of which will be satisfied by the forfeiture of a 2009 Aston Martin DB9, a 2006 Land Rover, multiple men’s’ watches and diamond jewelry.

Recently in March 2014, two high class escorts based in Orlando, Florida, were busted.  They made hundreds of thousands of dollars a year had so much cash that they stashed it under carpets, in air vents and at storage units, investigators have said.

Jennifer Helen Richmond, 22, has been arrested for racketeering for her alleged part in a prostitution ring in Orlando, Florida that she said earned her $500,000 one year.

Her friend Christina Lynn Davis, told Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation agents that the business brought her in as much as $80,000 a month – more money than she knew what to do with.

Davis and their suspected boss, Abdullah Hamid, have fled the area and have not been arrested.

Their arrest means they must forfeit all that countless money and everything they bought with it, like the Bentley Continental luxury car, which law enforcement can trace.


Ryan Tyna of Medina, Ohio fired as head coach for girls basketball team at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

No matter how big or small, powerful or ordinary, rich or poor you are, when you get into trouble with prostitution laws, you are screwed.  Cuyahoga County in Ohio has been rocked with prostitution scandals and crimes, and even the ordinary citizens are losing out.


Ryan Tyna, 42, of Hudson, was among 12 men arrested in a prostitution investigation conducted by Willoughby police in Lake County in February 2013.  Ryan Tyna was the head coach for the second year for the girls basketball team at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy.  He was immediately fired when the school learned he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute.  Tyna was a social studies teacher in the Willoughby-Eastlake schools district and was immediately placed on administrative leave there.  Ryan Tyna soon resigned from his teaching job in early March 2013 because of the arrest.

Willoughby police said they posted an ad on a website often used to promote adult services. The 12 men, including Ryan Tyna, responded to the ad offering a private, 30-minute session with a 20-year-old woman in exchange for $100 at a motel.

Each of the men was arrested Thursday and Friday as they entered a Willoughby motel room.

The others arrested were: Bryan Hess, 51, of Cuyahoga Falls; Timothy D. Asberry, 54, of Willoughby Hills; Bert M. Brown, 55, of Beachwood; Ramone A. Davis, 26, of Cleveland; Gill S. Gurinder, 31, of North Royalton; Nagi J. Haddad, 55, of Rocky River; Raymond T. Kern, 50, of Mentor; Eugene Preston, 38, of Beachwood; Johannes Reinhard, 64, of Palm Beach, Fla.; Efren Romero, 41, of Painesville; and Richard M. Salajcik, 47, of Eastlake.

CVCA girls basketball coach arrested in prostitution sting, fired

Bedford Judge Harry Jacob III of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, facing prostitution charges

The judicial system of Cuyahoga County of Ohio, where Cleveland is located, has been facing serious criminal and corruption charges related to prostitution and human trafficking.  Last year, William F. Kaczmarek was fired from his job as a Cuyahoga County assistant prosecutor  after his involvement with escort/prostitution services and illegal drugs.


Now Bedford Municipal Court Judge Harry Jacob III, age 55, is going through a criminal investigation by Cuyahoga County prosecutors and the state of Ohio.  Here is a summary of incidents and charges Harry Jacob III is facing.

  • In December 2013, Jacob was charged with six misdemeanor counts of soliciting sex from three women. He is also charged with bribery, and three counts of promoting prostitution, which are felonies.
  • He was using his work computer to view and solicit sex from escorts.
  • He was working with a prostitute to tamper with evidence and court records of a prostitution case.
  • He voluntarily turned over his computer, cell phone, and tablet to avoid a search of his Salon home.  However, certain parts of his computer are password protected with a different password.  Prosecutors are seeking for Jacob to reveal those passwords.

Everyone involved in these prostitution rings will lose out.  The johns, hookers, pimps, and anyone trying to promote it, you will lose out.  The evidence against Harry Jacob III is so strong, it’s inevitable he will lose his job, get a felony record, go to prison, and never again be able to find a job.  All he can really hope for is to plea bargain for a smaller prison sentence, but either way his life is over.

Prosecutors: Bedford judge trolled web for prostitutes while at work


Leader of International Sex Trafficking Ring Sentenced to Life in Prison

Some people think only pimping children into prostitution will earn you the excessively long prison sentences in the decades or even life in prison.  Those people are wrong.  If you pimp adult women into prostitution and sex trafficking, you will also earn excessively long prison sentences, all the way up to life in prison.

A large human sex trafficking industry was being run from Savannah, GA until the FBI shut them down and arrested all the pimps and organizers.  They were importing women sex slaves from Mexico and Nicaragua and using criminal tactics to force them to work as prostitutes in Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Florida.  A total of 23 persons were arrested and sentenced.  The pimp leader Joaquin Mendez-Hernandez from Mexico is sentenced to life in prison.  His co-leader Juan Carlos Pena was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and everyone else have prison sentences from 1 year to 15 years.

If you have any information on human trafficking like this, you should call the HSI tip line at 1-866-DHS-2-ICE (866-347-2423) or the Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888. Anonymous calls are welcome.

Leader of International Sex Trafficking Ring Sentenced to Life in Prison 

Feb 19, 2014 – SAVANNAH, GA—Joaquin Mendez-Hernandez, also known as “El Flaco,” 35, formerly of Mexico, was sentenced today by Senior U.S. District Court Judge B. Avant Edenfield to life in prison for his role in a sex trafficking conspiracy that exploited dozens of women. The investigation into this conspiracy, dubbed Operation Dark Night, has resulted in the conviction of 23 defendants and the rescue of 12 victims.

United States Attorney Edward J. Tarver stated, “It is reprehensible that an international sex trafficking organization set up shop within our very own communities. This organization destroyed the lives of many victims through fear, violence, and intimidation, all for the love of money. Those responsible will now pay the price in a federal prison.”

“While it is extremely satisfying to see these defendants held accountable for their atrocious crimes, the clear victory in this case was the rescue of their victims,” said Special Agent in Charge Brock D. Nicholson, who oversees Homeland Security Investigations in Georgia and the Carolinas. “From the testimony they provided in court, these women have begun to rebuild their lives, and I applaud their bravery and courage in confronting their abusers and rejecting the roles they were forced into.”

According to evidence presented during numerous guilty plea and sentencing hearings, local and federal law enforcement agencies identified and dismantled an international sex trafficking enterprise that spread from Mexico to Savannah, Georgia. Members of the organization enticed women from Mexico, Nicaragua, and elsewhere to travel to the United States with false promises of the American Dream. Once inside the United States, the women were threatened and forced to commit acts of prostitution at numerous locations in Savannah and throughout the southeast. Women were forced to engage in sexual activity with as many as 50 people a day. To make sure the women complied, members of the organization threatened the women, used violence against them, and held children hostage in Mexico. Members of the organization would also trade their victims to other members who operated in other states, such as Florida and North and South Carolina.

Each of the 23 defendants arrested in Operation Dark Night have pled guilty and been sentenced. Two additional defendants, Eugenio Prieto-Hernandez and Daniel Ribon-Gonzalez, remain fugitives. A listing of the defendants and their sentences or fugitive status is below.

Operation Dark Night represents the largest sex trafficking investigation ever prosecuted in the Southern District of Georgia. The operation was conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) with assistance from FBI, ATF, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), CBP Air and Marine Operations, IRS-Criminal Investigations, Coast Guard Investigative Services, Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department, Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, Garden City Police Department, and Chatham County Counter Narcotics Team.

Twelve victims were rescued as a part of Operation Dark Night. HSI provides relief to victims of human trafficking by allowing for their continued presence in the United States during criminal proceedings. Victims may also qualify for a T visa, which is issued to victims of human trafficking who have complied with reasonable requests for assistance in investigations and prosecutions. Anyone who suspects instances of human trafficking is encouraged to call the HSI tip line at 1-866-DHS-2-ICE (866-347-2423) or the Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888. Anonymous calls are welcome.

Operation Dark Night Defendants

  • Eugenio Prieto-Hernandez: Fugitive
  • Joaquin Mendez-Hernandez (a/k/a “El Flaco”): Life in prison
  • Juan Carlos Pena: 240 months in prison
  • Luisa Capilla-Lancho: 60 months in prison
  • Jorge Lira-Xochicale: 66 months in prison
  • Mayer Sanchez-Calderon: 180 months in prison
  • Claudio Sanchez-Calderon: 180 months in prison
  • Omar Peralta-Rodriquez: 37 months in prison
  • Neurby Celenia Diaz: 72 months in prison
  • Antonio Ubaldo Mendez-Lopez: 46 months in prison
  • Cesar Aguilar-Rebollar: 21 months in prison
  • Sylvia Barrera: 27 months in prison
  • David Reyes: 18 months in prison
  • Antonio Ramirez-Catalan: 48 months in prison
  • Jose Ricardo Vazquez-Garcia: 36 months in prison
  • Daniel Ribon-Gonzalez: Fugitive
  • Marisol Ferreriras: 13 months in prison
  • Paresh Patel: Seven months in prison
  • Sergio Valazquez Martinez: 12 months in prison
  • Fernando Pelayo Silverio: 18 months in prison
  • Arturo Salquil-Gomez: 12 months in prison
  • Jose Hernandez Trujillo: 25 months in prison
  • Silvstre Aguilar Sayago: 27 months in prison
  • Rodolfo Hernandez Guiterrez: 23 months in prison
  • Alex Martinez Moncon: 22 months in prison