Update on Vincent Lombardo and Melissa (Hodge) Lombardo arrests


Back in July 2013, a major escort/prostitution agency and their pimps, Vincent Lombardo and Melissa (Hodge) Lombardo, were arrested and shut down.  On August 12, 2013, a grand jury already found the couple guilty of numerous felonies and punishment was handed out.  I am currently unable to find out the prison terms for their pimping, but with their home and money and property seized, and major criminal records, they won’t have anywhere to go when they leave prison.

So if you are thinking about pimping like the Lombardo’s to gain some fast and dirty cash, remember that you will inevitably lose everything.


So far public records show they are indicted for:
1 count – Money Laundering Conspiracy
27 counts – Money Laundering
1 count – Felon in Possession of a Firearm

Summary of what they lose (there’s more to come for pimping and prostitution which is not listed here)
The Lombardo’s must forfeit everything they bought with illegally earned money, including cash.  This includes their primary home in Boca Raton (Florida), cars, computers, cell phones, furniture, clothes, and anything no matter how big or small.
Vincent Lombardo must forfeit his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, accessories, and ammunition.
Reputation with major and numerous felony records


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