In St. Paul sex-trafficking case, a record 40-year prison term for Otis Deno Washington

It’s not just California’s Proposition 35 that is toughening the arrests and sentencing of pimps and human traffickers.  All around America, they are being taken down more effectively and facing ever harsher prison sentences in the decades.

Mugshot Processed -

Otis Deno Washington had the unenviable fortune of beating his brother’s record Thursday in Ramsey County District Court.

Washington, 30, was sentenced to more than 40 years in prison for his involvement with his family’s Twin Cities sex-trafficking and prostitution business that exploited teenage girls and women over a nearly two-year period.

It was the longest sentenced imposed on a sex-trafficking defendant in state history, according to the Ramsey County attorney’s office.

The previous record holder was Washington’s brother, Antonio Dion Washington-Davis, who drew a sentence of nearly 36 years on Dec. 19 for his involvement in the prostitution ring.

Two uncles of the Washington brothers, Robert James Washington, 56, and Calvin Roy Washington, 50, also were convicted of sex-trafficking charges and got lesser sentences.

Otis Washington and his family were charged with prostituting 10 girls and women ranging in age from 15 to 40. The defendants placed hundreds of ads of the victims on websites such as

A criminal complaint said the prostitution operation preyed on young, small women, some with mental disabilities.

In St. Paul sex-trafficking case, a record 40-year prison term


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