Arizona: 111 arrested in massive prostitution, drug sting

Dec 18, 2013 – Maricopa County, Arizona

In Maricopa County, Arizona (where Phoenix is located), the police arrest 111 people in a massive prostitution and drug sting operation called Vice Grip.  Here is the tally of this large scale sting operation.

  • More than half of the 111 arrests are for various sex- and drug-related felony charges, including 20 arrests connected to child prostitution.
  • 30 soliciting a minor for prostitution
  • 31 misdemeanor prostitution charges
  • 21 drug-related felonies
  • 18 adult business misdemeanors
  • 16 outstanding felony warrants

Profiles of some of those arrested:

  • Jerry Marfe, 54, high school chemistry teacher at Betty H. Fairfax High School in Laveen resigned after being caught soliciting underage prostitutes.
  • A DirecTV employee still in his work uniform
  • Repeat level two sex offenders: Raymond John Cordero and John David Wythe, 48, who had served 10 years in prison for child molestation
  • The charges these 30 suspects face (soliciting a minor for prostitution) are class 2 felonies, which could mean a minimum seven years in prison.


111 arrested in massive prostitution, drug sting by MCSO



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