John Pigott – Geology and Geophysics Professor at the University of Oklahoma

Screen name geojohn on The Erotic Review is another famous name in TER.  He has 137 reviews and writes alot on the TER forums.  He is also wanted by the Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland, as with a number of wanted TER johns in the Washington DC area.


On August 2, 2013, the MCPD posted his wanted fugitive profile on the DC escort section (Click picture above for full size).  geojohn stopped posting reviews and discussion comments after seeing his wanted profile.

Who is geojohn?  When johns pick screen names on prostitution review websites, they usually pick a name that resembles them or their likes.

John_Pigott Oklahoma University profile picture


geojohn is John D. Pigott who is a Geology professor at the University of Oklahoma.  The geology department at the University of Oklahoma where John Pigott works is named Conoco Phillips School of Geology and Geophysics.


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