Gary Bennett of Rockville, Maryland (Laundrylux-Electrolux) is BeefEater500

Screen name BeefEater500 on The Erotic Review was a famous name in the Washington DC area.  BeefEater500 was around TER for many years and set the record for the most reviews, over 1300, on TER.  He also drew a large fan club outside of TER, such as the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) in Maryland and various state and federal law enforcement agencies.


On August 1, 2013, the MCPD posted his picture and wanted information on DC escort section (Click picture above for full size).  When BeefEater500 saw his own wanted profile, he had all his reviews, discussion board postings, and screen names erased from the TER website.  Even though his TER profile is down, he is still a wanted fugitive.


BeefEater500 is Gary Bennett of Rockville, Maryland.  He worked as Director of Business Development at Choice Hotels International since 2000. In 2015, Gary Bennett stopped working at Choice Hotels (we’re not sure if he was fired, or quit before he was about to get fired, but by 2015, it became well known that he was the infamous fugitive Beefeater500 who was working for Choice Hotels) and found a new job doing business work at Laundrylux-Electrolux. He also moved from his hometown in Columbia, MD to Rockville, MD.

It’s a shame these perverted, demented sex addicts can’t stop getting inside other people’s pants, especially vulnerable human sex trafficking slaves, which is the only way they can fulfill their demented rape addictions. On July 21, 2016, the Howard County police in Maryland caught and arrested Gary Bennett (age 65) in a prostitution sting. Here is the list of the johns arrested in that sting operation.

  • Gary Bennett, 65, of Rockville
  • Roscoe Coles, 36, of Woodbridge, Va.
  • Geremias DeSouza, 31, of Laurel
  • Curtis Eshelman, 55, of West River
  • Alejandro Jiatz, 49, of Burtonsville
  • Edgard Martinez Melendez, 41, of Laurel
  • Bharat Patel, 59, of Laurel
  • Edwin Shim, 47, of Laurel
  • Michael Weiss, 49, of Gambrills

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