Maryland Brothel operator sentenced to more than 19 years in prison on sex trafficking charges

Sep 11, 2013 – Baltimore, MD

Kevin Garcia Fuertes aka Kerlin Esquivel-Feuntes, 26, illegally residing in Annapolis and Richmond, VA, was sentenced to 235 months (19.6 years) in prison followed by five years of supervised release.  He is from Honduras and will be deported afterwards.  He ran brothels in Annapolis and Easton, Maryland.

Brothel operator sentenced to more than 19 years in prison on sex trafficking charges


California’s Proposition 35 delivering harsher sentencing against human traffickers

The voters of California overwhelmingly approved Proposition 35 during the 2012 elections.  Proposition 35 calls for significantly harsher prison time and fines against human traffickers, as well as provide more resources for law enforcement to bring down human trafficking rings.  Let’s look at some real cases of Proposition 35 taking effect.

June 13, 2013
Mark Wesley Anderson – Sentenced to 8 years prison for forcing an adult woman into prostitution.
Previously, the crime carried a maximum sentence of 5 years. Now, a conviction can bring up to 20 years in prison.

Sep 10, 2013
Christopher Lee Knox – Guilty of pimping a minor.  Because of Prop 35, he now faces 15 years to life in prison.
Prior to Prop 35, the maximum term he could have faced would have been 8 years.

LA porn sets closed after actress tests positive for HIV

Aug 23, 2013 – Los Angeles

Adult film sets throughout the Los Angeles area have shut down indefinitely after a porn actress tested positive for HIV, the trade association for the industry said on Thursday.

The actress, who works under the name Cameron Bay, has contracted the virus that causes AIDS, the Free Speech Coalition said in a press release.

The trade group said film producers called a moratorium on production late on Wednesday and that filming would not resume until all of Bay’s partners are notified and tested.

LA porn sets closed after actress tests positive for HIV in Maryland busted: Pimps Robert Lee Brow and Shawn Rice arrested

The Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland is arresting everyone in the prostitution field, from the johns and hookers to the pimps.  During late August 2013, the MCPD arrested pimps Robert Lee Brow (black man) and Shawn Rice (white man) in their rural home in Keedysville, MD where they ran their escort business  The pimps are arrested and the MCPD is gathering information on all the johns and escorts involved with the defunct so they too can keep them company in prison.

Robert Lee Brow used the screen name “Lee Dreams” on blogs and discussion boards to advertise his business.


John Pigott – Geology and Geophysics Professor at the University of Oklahoma

Screen name geojohn on The Erotic Review is another famous name in TER.  He has 137 reviews and writes alot on the TER forums.  He is also wanted by the Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland, as with a number of wanted TER johns in the Washington DC area.


On August 2, 2013, the MCPD posted his wanted fugitive profile on the DC escort section (Click picture above for full size).  geojohn stopped posting reviews and discussion comments after seeing his wanted profile.

Who is geojohn?  When johns pick screen names on prostitution review websites, they usually pick a name that resembles them or their likes.

John_Pigott Oklahoma University profile picture


geojohn is John D. Pigott who is a Geology professor at the University of Oklahoma.  The geology department at the University of Oklahoma where John Pigott works is named Conoco Phillips School of Geology and Geophysics.

Gary Bennett of Rockville, Maryland (Laundrylux-Electrolux) is BeefEater500

Screen name BeefEater500 on The Erotic Review was a famous name in the Washington DC area.  BeefEater500 was around TER for many years and set the record for the most reviews, over 1300, on TER.  He also drew a large fan club outside of TER, such as the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) in Maryland and various state and federal law enforcement agencies.


On August 1, 2013, the MCPD posted his picture and wanted information on DC escort section (Click picture above for full size).  When BeefEater500 saw his own wanted profile, he had all his reviews, discussion board postings, and screen names erased from the TER website.  Even though his TER profile is down, he is still a wanted fugitive.


BeefEater500 is Gary Bennett of Rockville, Maryland.  He worked as Director of Business Development at Choice Hotels International since 2000. In 2015, Gary Bennett stopped working at Choice Hotels (we’re not sure if he was fired, or quit before he was about to get fired, but by 2015, it became well known that he was the infamous fugitive Beefeater500 who was working for Choice Hotels) and found a new job doing business work at Laundrylux-Electrolux. He also moved from his hometown in Columbia, MD to Rockville, MD.

It’s a shame these perverted, demented sex addicts can’t stop getting inside other people’s pants, especially vulnerable human sex trafficking slaves, which is the only way they can fulfill their demented rape addictions. On July 21, 2016, the Howard County police in Maryland caught and arrested Gary Bennett (age 65) in a prostitution sting. Here is the list of the johns arrested in that sting operation.

  • Gary Bennett, 65, of Rockville
  • Roscoe Coles, 36, of Woodbridge, Va.
  • Geremias DeSouza, 31, of Laurel
  • Curtis Eshelman, 55, of West River
  • Alejandro Jiatz, 49, of Burtonsville
  • Edgard Martinez Melendez, 41, of Laurel
  • Bharat Patel, 59, of Laurel
  • Edwin Shim, 47, of Laurel
  • Michael Weiss, 49, of Gambrills

Johnelle Lewis Bell Sentenced to 30 Years Prison on Sex Trafficking Charges

July 22, 2013 – Des Moines, Iowa

On July 19, 2013, Johnelle Lewis Bell, age 29, of Hammonton, New Jersey, was sentenced in United States District Court in Des Moines on charges of sex trafficking and associated charges.  Bell was sentenced to a net term of imprisonment of 360 months (30 years), to be followed by five years of supervised release.

While this case dealt primarily with young adult females roughly 19-23 years of age, at least two of the young adults involved in this case reported becoming engaged in prostitution as minors, by at least about ages 16 or 17.

Here are the 12 charges against Bell.

  • Count one: conspiracy to commit sex trafficking: 360 months’ imprisonment
  • Counts two and three: sex trafficking: 180 months’ imprisonment on each count
  • Counts four through seven: coercion or enticement to travel in interstate commerce for prostitution: 240 months’ imprisonment on each count
  • Count eight: conspiracy to transport in interstate commerce for prostitution: 60 months’ imprisonment
  • Counts nine through 12: transportation in interstate commerce for prostitution: 120 months’ imprisonment on each count

FBI Report: New Jersey Man Sentenced on Sex Trafficking Charges